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Why Qase?

At Qase, we believe that finding the right lawyer should be quick, easy, and convenient.

Connect Online

Connect Online

Talk face-to-face with your lawyer on any device, and communicate with your lawyer anytime & anywhere using instant messaging.

No Suprise Bills

No Surprise Bills

Your lawyer will tell you upfront the estimated cost of providing you with legal services and ask for your permission each step of the way. You’ll never be billed for work you haven’t approved.

Everything in One Place

Everything in One Place

When you use Qase, you and your lawyer can easily schedule appointments, send messages, video chat, and share files quickly and securely.

How Qase Works:

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What Our Community is Saying…

I’m so grateful for your service, the lawyer who attended to me was amazing. He really took the time and explained the case and the probabilities.

Clear concise and detailed answers. Excellent interaction.

My lawyer treated me very professionally and was very considerate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Qase?

Signing up for an account and first consultations are always free. If you hire a lawyer, there are no retainer or up-front fees. Lawyer rates are transparent and you only pay for actual time worked on the case.

How do I pay for my lawyer?

When you hire a lawyer at Qase, you must pay for their services using a credit card (all major credit cards are accepted). Pre-paid credit cards are also accepted, however cash, cheque and gift cards are not.

What happens if I need to go to court?

If your legal issue requires you to go to court, Qase will connect you with a lawyer who has the experience to help you navigate the legal system, represent you in court and ensure your legal rights are always protected.

Are Qase lawyers qualified?

At Qase, we put all lawyers through a rigorous 5 step screening process before they can use our service. You will have peace of mind knowing your lawyer is looking out for your best interests.

What if I don't like my lawyer?

Qase will connect you with a lawyer that can help you determine what kind of legal help you need. If your lawyer doesn’t meet your expectations, we make it quick and easy to find an alternative lawyer to take your case.

Will Qase share my information?

Qase keeps your information secure, private, encrypted and stored in Canada. Only your lawyer can access the details of your case. We'll never share your personal information with other parties. Read our Privacy Policy.